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Name Change Information

All the info you need to make a name change

If you are no longer able to attend your trip, instead of cancelling there is an option of transferring your booking over to someone else, we call this a name change.

For passengers travelling by coach, train, airport transfer or arranging their own transport, if you are processing a name change 42 days ( 7 weeks) or more prior to departure, this is free of charge.

Processing within 42 days of departure, the name change fee is £50.

Passengers travelling by air must also cover the cost of any fee from the airline, mainly their name change fee. This cost can differ between airlines and can increase the nearer to departure this is completed.

A name change can be processed by managing your NUCO account and booking, you can do this at the top right of this page, up until the payment deadline, 42 days (7 weeks) before departure, where changes to the booking can still be made. Once logged into your account, click on ‘name change’ on the booking summary page where you will be prompted to supply the name and email address of the person you wish to take your place. Alternatively, if you are friends with them on Facebook you can send a message through our booking system and your NUCO account, the same as above, with instructions on how to process a name change.

Once you have completed the above and initiated the name change via the NUCO booking system you must complete the following steps:

[1] The recipient of the name change must have an online account with NUCO

[2] The recipient must be logged into their NUCO account to be able to accept the name change. Once logged in they must either click ‘Accept name change’ on the email they have received or click the name change link they have been sent on Facebook.

[3] Acceptance by the recipient triggers a final email from NUCO to the donor. To complete the name change the donor must click ‘Confirm name change’ in this email.

[4] The name change is now complete with NUCO. All that is left for the donor and recipient to do is sort out the transfer of monies between them. NUCO Travel accepts no responsibility for the transfer of funds between booking donor and booking recipient when processing a name change.

If you are wanting to process a name change after the payment deadline both parties will need to confirm the name change by emailing accepting all pre-booked options including rooming allocations, transport options, equipment hire and the payment conditions. It is the responsibility of both parties to arrange payment between themselves.