Covid-19 Travel Checklist

Information for NUCO passengers

We are an operator you can trust. Don’t hear it from us, hear it from the people who we already refunded in full or trusted industry sources.

We have tried to create an easy to follow checklist for you to work through but please make sure you check regulations and guidelines all the way up to before you’re due to depart as requirements can change with little notice. It is the passenger's responsibility, if you don’t follow the guidance, you may be refused travel.

Please note, travel requirements are in line with the destination's government guidance, as well as FCDO advice


The UK is currently on France’s amber list: Please note all our Andorra coach passengers must met France's entry requirements.

REMINDER for UK passengers: You can only travel to France if you’re fully vaccinated, otherwise you must have an essential reason.

Please see vaccinations accepted by the French Government here.

For passengers travelling directly from Ireland to France: You need to obtain your Digital Covid Certificate. You can see how to do this here.

BE SURE YOU ARE SAFE TO TRAVEL: We can not stress highly enough how important it is that no one travels if you have COVID or have any doubts that you do not. Not only will it be miserable for anyone having to stay in isolation alone for 7 - 10 days in a resort but we have a shared responsibility to keep each other safe and act responsibly. Please test yourself regularly leading up to departure, if you do catch covid you can cancel with NUCO and then speak to your insurance regarding a claim.


  1. Check you can travel to France (see above)
  2. Print and complete a Sworn statement - download here. You can find additional information on this document here. Click "TRAVEL TO/FROM AN AMBER LIST COUNTRY".
  3. If travelling on a NUCO coach, you must take a lateral flow and provide us with confirmation of a negative result verified through this website. You will not be able to board without the email confirmation from
  4. Download your proof of vaccination .
  5. Ensure your passport is valid here.
  6. Ensure you have appropriate travel insurance. If you have purchased insurance through NUCO, there is helpful documentation here.
  7. Get your 'Pass Sanitaire' ready for use in public spaces (how you do this will vary depending on where you received you vaccination)
  8. Pack PPE : medical grade masks (not homemade), hand sanitiser. Wearing a mask is obligatory on all NUCO coaches and airport transfers
  9. Pack lateral flow tests for good practice. How to get lateral flow tests.
  10. Download the NUCO travel app


Whether you are going to Andorra or France NUCO Reps will be checking the following documentation when loading the coaches, please ensure you have it ready with your e-ticket and/or NUCO App. Anyone without these documents will not be able to board the coach

  1. Proof of vaccination
  2. Sworn statement
  3. Passport
  4. Negative test result


On the 27th November 2021 the UK was added to Switzerland’s list of countries with a variant of concern; this means if visiting Switzerland for the duration of your stay you must present a negative COVID-19 test and quarantine for 10 days.

However, if you are fully vaccinated and are simply transiting through Geneva Airport directly to France you are not required quarantine. It is unclear as to whether you will need to provide a negative covid test to enter, you should speak directly to your airline to confirm what they require to allow you to board, it is almost certain you will need a negative antigen or PCR.

We recommend everyone checks the Swiss Travel Checker to ensure you can enter and transit to France. On the basis you can enter you must complete the Swiss passenger locator form.

To assist with your smooth transit at Geneva Airport it is advisable to have proof of onward transport and accommodation at your final destination. If you are part of a large student group then your e-ticket is sufficient documentation, if you are a smaller individual booking then your holiday vouchers are sufficient.  

The EU Digital Covid Certificate and the NHS Covid Pass are both accepted as proof of vaccination status.

The above does not affect or impact on the rules of the country of your final destination, which you should check. More information can be found here Swiss SEM website. The UK FCDO page for Switzerland is a useful resource for British citizens.


  1. Follow the latest guidance on social distancing and face coverings in your destination.
  2. Maintain good hand, respiratory, and personal hygiene at all times.
  3. Ensure adequate ventilation in any environment where this is possible

    It's important that you are aware that the regulations in France at the moment are much stricter than the UK and in particular, England. You will need both a mask and your Pass Sanitaire at all times


We will continue to regularly assess and identify potential transmission hazards, evaluating risks presented and implementing ongoing effective control measures that are within our capacity, through a comprehensive risk assessment process. Our resort teams have received additional training on how to mitigate COVID transmission and encourage good practice from our passengers. You will be offered a lower contact service by your room reps (where applicable). Where this is preferred, resort support will be conducted through the NUCO app Our suppliers all work alongside the relevant health and safety authorities on implementing effectively reinforced hygiene and protection measures


We recommend testing regularly in resort with your own lateral flows that you have brought from home. If at any point you test positive or have symptoms, please follow the below:

  1. Stay in your room and do not leave
  2. Inform NUCO via the NUCO app
  3. Avoid close contact with anyone else
  4. As long as roommates are fully vaccinated they are not required to isolate themselves, but they are required to get tested.
  5. For Irish passengers only who may not be fully vaccinated: If someone is not fully vaccinated, they need to be isolated for 7 days away from the infected person.
  6. Speak to your insurance. In the case of NUCO insured passengers, call CEGA and set up a case. The only evidence you require for CEGAs support is to provide a positive result from an authorised testing centre. If insured with NUCO travel, CEGA will support the passenger through the process and any requirements will be coordinated with them e.g. additional accommodation. If the passenger does not have NUCO insurance, they will be advised to contact their own insurance company.
  7. Seek advice on how to best get tested in a resort (call the Medical Centre)- do not visit in person unless told to do so. The test cost is approx 45€


Please see what you need to know:

Returning to England
Returning to Scotland
Returning to Wales
Returning to Northern Ireland

For fully vaccinated travellers, this covers day 2 tests on return and passenger locator forms that must be filled in to return to the UK at least 48 hours before your return journey. NUCO will require proof that this has been done before allowing you to board your return coach. Airlines will also require the same.

NUCO will also require you to take another lateral flow and provide us with confirmation of a negative result verified through this website. You will not be able to board without the email confirmation from

After 04:00 Tuesday 30 November 2021 lateral flow tests will no longer be accepted and all travellers arriving into UK will be required to book and take COVID-19 PCR tests.


Please see what you need to know here


No travel is risk-free during COVID. Countries may further restrict travel or bring in new rules at short notice, for example due to a new COVID-19 variant.

Plan ahead and make sure you:

  1. Can access money
  2. Understand what your insurance will cover
  3. can make arrangements to extend your stay and be away for longer than planned
  4. Where applicable, ensure you have extra supplies of any medication or medical equipment you need in case of delays such as having to self-isolate overseas. Remember to carry copies of prescriptions


We have a shared responsibility to look after each other- let’s all do our bit to protect ourselves and others. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.