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Acknowledgement of Risk Waiver

NUCO Acknowledgement of Risk Waiver

Please note that by paying the final balance on your holiday, you acknowledge that you are willing and freely consenting to travel during the Covid-19 pandemic, and as such you confirm:

  1. You acknowledge and accept that there is a heightened risk associated with travelling during a global pandemic, including a risk you may contract Covid-19 from other travellers.

  2. You have checked and are aware of the latest travel advice from the UK government in relation to your chosen destination (which can be found here: and, and have made an informed decision to pay the balance on your holiday notwithstanding any advice against travel.

  3. If your chosen destination is subject to the FCDO advisory against non-essential travel at the time you pay the balance of your holiday, you accept that if you subsequently decide not to travel due to any FCDO advice which is materially the same, you will have to pay our standard cancellation charges as per clause 7 of our terms & conditions.

  4. Similarly if your chosen destination is exempt from the FCDO advisory against travel, you acknowledge that this may change with very little or no notice, and if it does after you have paid your balance but prior to travel due to Covid-19, you will not have the right to cancel your booking and receive a full refund. If cancelling in these circumstances you will have to pay our standard cancellation charges as shown in clause 7 of our terms & conditions.

  5. You shall comply with all rules, regulations, laws and requirements imposed on you, whether by governmental or regulatory authorities, suppliers, airports or ports, in relation to Covid-19, including (but not limited to) any requirement on you to self-isolate, whether in destination or upon your return to the United Kingdom; to submit to a Covid-19 test (including temperature testing or a swab test); or to provide contact details for the purposes of track and trace.

  6. You have purchased travel insurance which includes cover for certain Covid-19 related issues or incidents which may affect your travel arrangements including cancellation before or during travel, and you have read and accept the insurance policy wording and understand what you are and are not covered for.

  7. Please note that nothing in this acknowledgement is intended to limit or exclude your statutory rights. In the event that we are prevented from performing your holiday contract in a way not envisaged above due to Covid-19, for example if the destination goes into lockdown and we are no longer able to provide your holiday, we will comply with our obligations as a package organiser under the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018, and process a refund within 14 days of cancellation.