Introducing the Varsity Trip 100 this year

A word from the committee

"Varsity Trip is the oldest and largest student-led ski-trip in the world, held between Oxford and Cambridge. Every year we take over three thousand students for a week in the alps to never forget and with this year being our centenary we’re looking to make it bigger and better than ever”

“Our aim is to bring innovative events, huge acts and generalised fun to the mountains for Oxbridge students to unwind after a busy term. We also strive to make the trip as accessible and sustainable as possible, meaning more people can enjoy the snow and that the snow will last longer. Here’s to another 100 years of Varsity Trip."

Why be part of student snowsports?

What is student snowsports?

It’s hard to describe perfectly. But it’s easy to experience. It’s open, inclusive, it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you do. It always makes you feel welcome.

Shared stories that are impossible to define to those who have not been part of it. It’s days filled with unmistakeable energy. It’s nights you can’t remember but won’t forget.

It makes you feel part of something that is real and happening. It cements you in a tribe forever of like minded people. The identity is immediately recognisable.

It’s joy seeking. It’s a channel for fulfulling your passion. It’s the last orders and first lifts. It’s that 29-hour bus journey with an excitement you can’t put into words. It’s chairlift conversations leading to friendships for life.

It lifts your spirits high and will always be part of you.