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Travel checklist

Updated: 28th January, 2022

It is important to state that all of the information below is to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing; this is an evolving situation and liable to change with little or no notice. Passengers should not rely on this page solely and should carefully check regulations with their own embassy and consulate all the way up to before you are due to depart. It is the individual’s responsibility to check this information directly- this is a checklist to help you through that.

Sharing information There is still some information that, between the Irish reference points and French reference points, is unclear and we have had passengers contacting us to clarify this for them. Although we would love to be able to do this, we are reliant on governmental information and this clarity should be sought from the relevant authorities. We appreciate this can be frustrating. We are grateful to our passengers for sharing any knowledge they do come across and we will keep any verified updates on this page, where possible, in order to help others.


Although entry requirements and regulations are easing, there are still various points that you need to be aware of and we have tried to summarise these for you here as well as pull together some information on FAQs that we are receiving. We have found the best point of reference for this information to be on the website here and in particular this page here

This may also prove a useful tool for EU passengers to check their route of travel and documentation needed

If you are going to be travelling to other countries within the 10 days prior to departing Ireland, we suggest checking with the french authorities as well as your local embassy in case any restrictions apply.


Currently Ireland is on the Green List for France. You can see a summary of the rules here

For specific information on what you need to do if you are fully vaccinated, recovered or unvaccinated, please see here


France accepts the EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC). You can see how to get yours here


To access public spaces and services (which includes ski lifts, bars and restaurants), passengers need to demonstrate their COVID-19 status.

Please see more information here

On 15 December, the French government rules on the health pass changed for two categories of individuals: those aged 65 or over and those vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. In both cases, the individual can no longer obtain the health or vaccine pass, or will have their existing passes deactivated, if they do not receive a booster dose as below: for those aged 65 or over, seven (7) months from their previous injection; for those who received the Janssen vaccine, two (2) months from their injection.

From the 15 January 2022, The French government has also stated that it is their intention to extend this policy to all adults as of 15 January 2022.

Please note, there has been reference to both 5 months and 7 months as a timeline stated re booster timeframe which has caused some confusion. Having asked the questions to various information lines, it is our understanding that the 5 and 7 months refers to: “eligibility for booster doses in France begins once five months have passed since the last vaccination/infection. Deactivation of the pass sanitaire only occurs once seven months have passed – meaning there is a two month window in which to get a booster shot”

Other things to note:

It is our understanding that the booster becomes “valid” 7 days after the injection- passengers should bear this in mind

It is our understanding that the booster is only required by those who had the Jansen vaccine more than 2 months ago or other vaccines more than 7 months ago. For those who had the initial vaccine programme within the timeframes above OR have proof of recovery, the pass sanitaire should still be able to be obtained, or where already obtained, valid.

Difference in requirements between health/ vaccine pass and international travel regulations

Important to note, the new regulations regarding booster vaccines only apply to obtaining the health pass/ vaccine pass. They do not affect the definition of complete vaccination in regards to international travel requirements which can be seen here under “For the purposes of international travel to France, the French government defines complete vaccination as”. (Although, given the context of the holidays we provide, it is our belief that this is irrelevant to our passengers as they will require a pass sanitaire/ vaccine pass in order to be able to access ski lifts)

Using your DCC to access the Pass Sanitaire You can check the information you need for this here: EU Digital COVID Certificate

Proving your booster status According to the Irish government website, since 6 January 2022, updated DCCs based on receiving a booster vaccine are being sent out by email. Following the first week of issuing, if you have not received your DCC, check the status of your DCC using the Self Service Portal linked here

Verifying information We appreciate this is not simple and we have done our best (outside of our remit) to decipher this for you. Please do not contact NUCO regarding whether you need a booster or not to travel - we would love to be able to verify this for you but we are not qualified to do so and it needs to come from the relevant authority. Please note, not having the correct requirements for travel (including valid passport, required vaccinations and testing) are not grounds for cancellation and refund. Should you not be able to travel due to one of these reasons, this is not something NUCO can arrange a refund for.


We suggest that all passengers are aware what will happen if Ireland moves to the orange list and be prepared for such an instance. The main difference being only vaccinated travellers will be allowed to travel for any reason. You can review this here


If you are transiting through other countries en route to your destination (for example airports in Italy and Switzerland), please ensure you check the relevant travel regulations for this country. This includes travelling via Switzerland (Geneva) as a popular airport for ski destinations.


For our passengers we have travelling to Andorra, please see the requirements here.

Travel to Andorra requires transit through France or Spain. If you intend to enter Andorra, you should also consult the Travel Advice for the country that you will be required to transit before deciding on your travel.

Health/ vaccine pass for Andorra

In order to access bars, ski lifts etc, similar to France, you can see what Andorra requires here under "What type of health passes are accepted in Andorra"


Please ensure you are clear on the requirements you must adhere to when returning to Ireland. This could change between now and the date of travel and so we advise you keep an eye on the relevant page here.


We understand that you may prefer not to travel at this time - this is your choice as an individual. Should you cancel, you will be liable for cancellation fees as per our terms and conditions.


It may feel a little challenging to travel right now but we assure you that when you get to the resort, despite the restrictions and things maybe being slightly different this season, it really is amazing. The snow is incredible (more than we have ever seen in December in 15 years!), the weather has been glorious and the 1000s of customers we have had in the resort have adapted to the rules and made the absolute most of it; spending more time on the hill and making it all about the mountains. Check out what has been going on through our social channels here to get a feel of what it is like right now. Check it out here


We appreciate you may wish to contact us for further information We are dealing with an unprecedented volume of enquiries at the moment and in order to be able to deal with these as effectively as we can, we politely request that you follow the below guidelines:

If you have any queries regarding testing, vaccination or entry requirements: please look at the relevant authorities websites and do not contact NUCO asking for verification.

If you have a query relating to your booked holiday package: please check our FAQS and if this doesn't answer your question, please do contact us and we will be back to you as soon as possible.

We thank you for your patience, support and understanding at this time and we cannot wait to see you in the mountains!

Please also refer to our general travel checklist here